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The Gonzaga Record 1970-1979



Welcome to this collection of Archive items from the

I hope it brings back memories of your time in the
school and has some photographs of friends and
contemporaries that you have lost or forgotten.

The Gonzaga Record 1970-1979 is part of an
archival project to fill the gap that exists because no annual
chronicle of Gonzaga was published before 1985.

As I see it, this is only the first draft of this
volume. I need you to help complete it.

I need you to help complete the record of the lives
of the many men who attended Gonzaga in your time; to
put right the omissions you will immediately spot, and to
correct the errors.

Please send me your recollections and your
photos, both of yourself and of others; and, in the spirit of
the current section ˋSeventies Alumni΄, let us know where
life has led you.

Michael Bevan

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