Page 2 - Gonzaga Record 1950-59
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The compiling of a Gonzaga Record for the early
decades of the school’s existence is a project of the
recently created college archive.

No Record exists before 1985. Alumni from
the early years cannot consult lists of those who
attended the school, view photos of their time there,
or revisit memories of their contemporaries.

Thanks to the help and collaboration of so
many of the Past, the archive has a wealth of photos
and documents in its care. Collecting them in a
volume of this kind and putting them on line is one
way to store them permanently; but it is also makes
them accessible to view.

A locked room full of dusty documents and
yellowing photos will certainly be of use to the
historian. Making these materials accessible is of
much greater use to those whom they concern.

This volume relating to the 1950s does not
claim to be complete. For example, there is no section
which recounts the richly varied contribution to life
and to others made by the Gonzaga students of this
era. There should be. And there are, no doubt,
inaccuracies, and many other omissions.

The archive invites you to set the record

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